Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Body has the ability to heal itself

Headaches, colds, fever and cough.
Let's look furthermore at these countermeasures our body is doing to defend itself.


Homeostasis came from two words : Homo(body) and stasis(standing still). It is a state where our body can maintained its balance

Situation 1: "The body has a high volume of blood sugar."

In this situation, The brain indirectly will call all organs that have primary roles in lowering the blood sugar. The organs liver, pancreas and kidneys will do the job at hand.

First, The pancreas will secrete insulin to the blood. The insulin will collect all excessive amounts of blood sugar and convert it to glycogen. The glycogen collected will stored to the liver for future use.The excessive glycogen will be send to the kidneys will be expelled out of the body. Finally, The body will restore itself again to balance.

Situation 2: "The body is lacking of blood sugar."

Now in this event the excessive glycogen stored in the liver will be released with the help of the pancreas. The Pancreas will secrete glucagon. The glucagon is a hormone of the pancreas that converts glycogen to blood sugar. The blood sugar will be distributed by the heart to all areas of the body that needs it. Again the body will go back to balance.

Our body can maintain balance. It can also alarm us of an invasion by pathogens such as virus and bacteria etc. that can cause diseases.

Have you ever wondered that all of a sudden that you become ill. In the morning, you feel very good and later in the evening you feel very sick.

If you answered yes, Then you should know that your body is working to defend itself by invaders. When you have a cold (think of it as a blessing because your body isa perfect creation of god.), The Respiratory system will secrete phlegm. The phlegm will trap all incoming invaders. then, the body will expel the phlegm through sneezing or coughing.

Fever is the defensive measure of our body once pathogens penetrated your body. Some bacteria or virus will be instantly killed with the sudden rise of temperature of your body.

Body not in balance

Modern World.
Pollution, Foods we eat and stress; these are some factors that affect your body balance.


All kinds of pollution especially air and water greatly affect your body balance. The air you breathe contains harmful gases. The water you drink had taken a lot of processes and with that most of the revitalizing minerals are removed or changed. This aspect will take toll in your body, thus in the future you will have diseases, that your proper body balance have prevented.

Foods we eat

Processed foods are nutritionally empty. They even have free radicals that changes a lot inside your body. Another product of progress:"Genetically modified foods"(GMF's). This new type of foods have a great impact in the world. Due to scarcity and continuous growth of population around the world, It became a necessity. A necessity that all of us will pay in time. GMF (from the word "modified") have changes on the genes of a plant or animal to boost or reduce the nutrients in it. A modification on the food will affect your body balance in the future.


All problems that you encounter could contribute to stress. Your body cannot hold it for a long time, thus it will affect your body balance.

How can we bring back our body to balance?

Your body needs to be replenished from time to time with nutrients. In this modern world, your body does not receive all it needs. With the help of Herbal supplements, It will boost the capacity to absorb nutrients and detoxify all harmful elements of your body. Herbal supplements such as Ganoderma Lucidum, Spirulina and other herbal plants contains the most potent combination of nutrients ever known in any grain or food.

The herbal supplements are the best line of defense against adverse effects of the environment has to give. Therefore it will bring your body back to balance.